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Thank you! I have found the person who, as I hope, will become for me the friend, the lover and the husband.
Russia, Khabarovsk
Thank you for your help, I have found the love of my life, a beautiful young woman from Yoshkar-Ola named Natalya, we hope to be together soon.

Dane K Detty
I liked your service very much. Everything was perfect, better than any other :)
Thank you for a wonderful service. Keep up the good work!
United States, Novato
Thank you very much I have now found the someone I am after.
Australia, Hobart
This service has brought me a very good contact with a girl. We have made contact by email and phone and our plan is to meet each other as soon as possible. I`m convinced that this meeting will turn out to be a great success.

Good luck to everybody with finding love, Jasper.
Netherlands, Gorinchem
I just wanted to say that I owe much to this agency Origin Club. Without them I would have never met my beautiful wife. They take personal interest in every one of their clients and don't treat you like just another number. Since they are actively involved, ordering services like flowers and gifts is all the easier since they have a better idea of how to get in touch with their clients and their schedules. They defiantly will go above and beyond for you.

They have on their web site very helpful additional links, like one I used was to get a deal on a calling card to call Russia for very cheap.

Also, out of all the other online dating services, they have the best system out there. You don't need to keep paying a monthly fee like others; instead you only spend cents to email different women. You can even make special requests with them, like for myself I paid for all my wife's replies to me at the time.

If you ever meet them in person as I have, you will find them all very warm and inviting, especially the president Olga Povolotskaya, she was especially responsible for meeting my wife.
United States, Sparks
I found success. Thanks
United States, Midw3est City
Thank you!
With your help I have married! Thanks for your work!
Russia, Vladivostok
I have met my lady! We are engaged and in the process of obtaining her fiance visa! Thank You to the fine staff at Origin Club.
United States, Jamestown
Hello, I am married and I living in USA now.
Best regards
Kazakhstan, Pavlodar
Your service worked perfectly!

I arrived back in the U.S. 2 weeks ago from meeting with Natasha in Moscow. If not for service, we would never met. We are now working on obtaining her K-1 visa so she can come to the States.

And since I have now found my Dorogaya, I no longer need to be listed on your service..

Once again, thanks for your service, it was very helpful/benificial. To be honest, I did not expect much when I signed up. I only found your website by accident. I had been reading a article online about how a Russian woman married an American man from Colorado and was killed by the
man. That article had a link to another article about Russian dating fraud`s. Which in turn had a link to a no-fraud website which had a link to your website (funny how these things work). I only filled out your Bio out of curiousity, not a real desire to find a wife. So imagine my surprise when I met someone (Natasha) and we hit it off right from the start.

I hope your business continues to do well in the future!

Thank You,
David Newton
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
United States, Atlanta
I joined OriginClub approximately three (3) weeks ago and in just this short space of time I have received numerous replies.

It is with great joy that I inform you that I have now met a charming and beautiful lady from the Ukraine with whom I have been in constant contact over the past weeks. Our emotions and feelings for each other have escalated rapidly and we have since begun discussing wedding plans.

I must add that I am totally surprised that in a world of over 6-billion people, her and I could meet each other through the use of this excellent service. The odds simply astound me and I can only say that thanks to your great service these same odds were lessened, thereby making what
seemed previously impossible, very possible indeed.

Thanking you sincerely and very gratefully

Trevor O`Brien
South Africa, Durban
Thanks, I am very grateful for your work, I got married.
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
Many times I have heard the following words: “men notice only the young, and we, mature women, have nothing to count on!” Well, I am out those young… And I want to say that men’s attention does not depend on age at all. (and if you decided to use the services of a dating agency, men’s attention is probably important for you) Distinguished irresistible charming clients of ORIGIN club! My advise is: trust the professionals and listen to Olga Petrovna and her wonderful girls-interpreters! And then, no doubt, you will succeed! Always look on the bright side even if first you fail. Try hard and be sincere! Good luck in searching your soul mate.

Best wishes,
Russia, Vladivostok
Thank you for your service. I have now found a beautiful Russian Lady via your OriginClub site. She will arrive in my country soon.
United Kingdom, lincolnshire
All it was pleasant to me, I have already met the friend for myself, I shall always recommend you to the girlfriends.
Ukraine, Stahanov
I am very satisfied with originclub. More than 80 women looked at my ad and I got 15 e-mails within a short time. Some of them were a bit "mysterious" but about the half came from really interested and honest women. With a few of them I try to get in closer contact now.
Germany, Feucht
I am happy, that was a member of your club because here I have found the love, the "significant other"! And thanks that your Club exists and helps people to find love and happiness...!!!
Russia, Novosibirsk
Hello! Your services are great, but i can not use them any longer! thanks!
Saint Martin, Kortrijk
Thank you, your service is very good. I may use it again.
United Kingdom, Luxembourg
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