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I think your service is very good . The ladies you present are real people and I believe they are sincere.

I did meet a lady Svetlana, #18460, who has become a real friend. Unfortunately as she is 22 years old , we cannot be more than just good true friends.

I am going to take a break from this internet soulmate finding procedure and re-evaluate the wisdom of trying to find someone thousands and thousands of miles from me.

I wish you all well , and have a great year.

Herb Gee
Canada, Coquitlam
Dear Origin,

I have met a lady and will not need a dating club for now.
Perhaps in the future.

Best regards,
Forrest Cannon
United States, New York
I want to thank you for the wonderful service. I met someone through your dating club and she and I are corresponding on a personal level. I therefore wish to cancel my membership because I no longer consider myself available to other women who may peruse your club.
United States, Brooklyn
Thank you for using your site but I have found my new bride
Thanks again
Saint Martin, Temse
Hello dear personnel of the agency!

Please delete my profile as i have met a man due do your help. We are together now.

Galina Skobeleva
Russia, Tyumen
It is good as it is! I have found the love of my life.
The Dreamer
Sweden, West coast
This service seems to be good and serious. To my little surprise I received quite a lot of messages, so it seems like many ladies use this service. I will tell my friends about it.
Sweden, Lax
your service is excellent i highly recomend it,im cancelling becouse i have found my love i got engaged this weekend and planned a june wedding.
thank you club origin
Canada, Victoria Beach
Hello, my name is Fernando Toral vam Melzen. I am from Vigo (Spain). I sent an e-mail message to your marriage agency on 17th February 2003, asking for your services. I had as a result a reply (to the ad you set up for me in a newspaper) one e-mail from ms Evgeniya Vitalievna Tompakova, a very
beautiful girl from Vladivostok. We started very beautiful relationship and now we love each other very much. We are looking forward to start a shared life as soon as possible.

I am very grateful to you and I hope you will be a very successful company.

Best regards.
Fernando Toral van Melzen
Spain, Vigo
I would like to thank U for your free membership and wishing you all the best.I did find my women of my dreams and she have touched my heart with Love and happines

Thanks again
wiht warm regards from Ben !!
Saint Martin, Stekene
Thank you for your assistance but I have just met
somone......Best Wishes,
New Zealand, Auckland
My name is Shusharina Tatyana. My profile is on your agency. I'm very happy that I've found already my love and very thankful you for this.

King regards
Tatyana Shusharina
Ukraine, poltava
I believe I have found my lady. Thx for your help. Paul
United Kingdom, Raunds
Just married! Thank You, James V. Coomer
United States, Clairton
Thanks to your Club! I have found my destiny. Thank you.
Russia, Ryazan
Dir sir,
it was very well but, I have find what I have search!
Thank you
Italy, Brescia
Thank you for your service, I have met someone, but I enjoyed your site!
Thank You,
United States, Ramona
I found my soulmate. Thank you!
Russia, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
Your service is very good But I have found the women of my dreams!!!! We will be married in 2-3 months.

Jim Van Blaricum
United States, Dallas
I ` ve got the boyfriend in 2 days (in fact he found me). Now we are writing letters, sending SMS and making phone calls to each other. We are planning to meet on Christmas holidays
And I am happy
Russia, Moscow
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