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The ladies are wonderful (so many ladies, and such a difficult choice to make!) and you have been very helpful and educational. Thank you very much for your service.
United States, northridge
I have a lady from Vinnitsa were I to write. So I will stop mine membership. Thanks for your help and for all people who search a love, I hope that they find there love for live
Netherlands, noordgouwe
I have met a girl on your web site called OXY i have fell in love with her, i do not need your site anymore. Thanks for a great service, please cancell my membership asap.
United Kingdom, Penrith
Thankyou for your wonderful service. I may contact you again sometime.
New Zealand, Wanganui
I have found the woman I have been looking for!
United States, Belgrade
In general yes. You doa good job. It is very helpful for meeting partners international.
Germany, Siegsdorf
I`m not singel any more so I want to cancel my membership. Origin is a great site and I believe you are helping a lot of people, women and men.

Best Regards
Norway, Trondheim
Dear Gentlemen and or Madam, I have found the woman of my dreams!! Thanks So Much !!

Richard Schaufler
United States, Monroe Twp.
it was very great and nice. I am very happy and satisfied with your amazing service......!!
i am just a little tired.....some of ladies very honest and sincere, and some ladies tried to demand me of money.....(smile).....
However, i am very thankful to your service, and maybe just after some rest, i will re-register again......(smile)....thank you so much....i really appreciate you.....
akitsuyu ogawa
Japan, Nagoya
I have met some lovely girls, thank you for your help.
Australia, Melbourne
Dear Agency!
I was very glad to be the member of your Club. Your club helped me to find my other half, to fill my live with happiness and joy.

I wish you good luck in your work. You do am important and noble work.

Thank you for your cooperation and work,
Margarita Krivosheyeva
Ukraine, Nikolaev
i have found the lady i have been searching for


United Kingdom, sevenoaks
Dear Olga, Maria, Evgenia, & Evgenia,

Thank you for your kindness for my visit last month. I enjoyed meeting each of you very much! I regret what happened with Elena. I also regret that she cancelled her membership. Of course she has every right to do that. As I do. My heart is mending and I have an interest in Ekaterinburg who has taught me a lesson much like Elena. But in this lesson she showed me that there would be hope after all! I wish you all the very best! I'll let you know later how my life turns out.

United States, Centreville
Dear OriginClub staff!
Thank you very much for creating a wonderful web-site where people can meet their second halves. My second half lives far away from me. He lives in the USA. But in spite of the distance, he has found me out. We are really happy together!

Thank you one more time!
solar gerl
Russia, Saransk
thanks for your service, i've found my life partner and now happily married with her.
United States, decatur
found someone. thank you very much for your service.
United States, Spring
You have a great service, but as I have found a girlfriend I no longer need your service.
United States, Carmel
The service is fine, I just do not wish to continue using the web site. Best of luck
Thank you.
United States, Boston
I have ever searched my soulmate. I like very much this site, it has helped me to seek my prefered woman.

Thanks very much
Brazil, Juiz de Fora
i have found a stunning lady. thank you
United Kingdom, Runcorn
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