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all is great. it's a very usefull club. people have chans to meet someone from another country - it sound great to chat with people who lives so far and whom you will never meet without inet and your club. I find one :-)
Ukraine, Sumy
for me - i very much like your site! it is good - the girls are very beautiful! for now - i have met a lovely girl - in time - i will see what happens
Thank you
Australia, melbourne
I liked the Origin Club Website. I don't see anything that needs to be changed. Very good. I want to cancel because I found my Bride and we are now married.
United States, Birmingham
it was very good and now i have found what i was look for thank you for everything
United Kingdom, cardiff
I would like to have my profile deleted as i have found some and am planning to get married next year. Thank you very much for such a wonderful dating service that has given me the oppturnity to meet such wonderful women.
Thank you.
Ramon Sanchez
United States, Clarendon
it was wonderful! its fantastic! got married! Thanks!
United States, Lake in the Hills
Yes,`I- like it. I dont want to change -something. very good... I have already found my LOVE. Thank you !!!!!!!!!
Greece, Athens
Your service was very good, and I liked the layout of your Website. However, in actually trying to visit Russia to meet with women from the list, I found it difficult to get into the country (visa, train, currency, etc). It is much easier just to visit a US territory, which I am now doing. I changed my ticket to the US Virgin Islands.

It would have been nice if there were more resources on the Website to help members visit these countries. There are sites online that make money doing this, but it still seems unfortunate that many travellers simply forgo such countries just because of the paperwork involved in the visit.

Thanks again for the services that are made available.

United States, Auburn
I really enjoyed getting to know a few women on your site. Unfortunately I have meet someone right here in the United States who has stolen my heart. I do appreciate your services and I would like to send my condolences to the women I have been talking with. Please have a good day and keep up the good work!

Daniel Wood
United States, Ft. Hood
Everything your site I love. You have a wonderful agency for meeting people for the first time, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am very happy that I have found the woman of my dreams, and it was possible because of your help.
Thank you!
United States, Las Vegas
Dear Sirs

Thanks to your services I got in contact to one of your very wonderful women, and just visited her. I just came back from a short trip to Saratov now and I will invite this girl to visit me in Zurich next spring. She likes me a lot too and I am hopeful for a future together with her.

Yours services are excellent and reliable. I will take the liberty to suggest your services to all my friends in the
same situation like me.

One thins to make better would be, if there would be the possibility to let women who sent a letter know, that I am not interested in them without getting charged by costs.

With your system I had about 100 letters on my account I did not answer because to open and answer the letters of all this women I am not interested would have cost me about USD 800.--. I felt that it was not nice from me not to answer the letters, even only with a nice sentence “Thanks for your letter, but I am already in contact with another person”. I would have preferred this, as an act of politeness.

After all. Thanks a lot for your services!

Michel Wehrli
Switzerland, Zurich
Hello, dear agency

My name is Oksana Pyarina. I placed the data in your agency. I thank you for your work. But I do not need any more in services, since my search is completed. Please, remove my profile.Thank you very much! I wish your agency of prosperity and successes!

Yours faithfully, Oksana
Russia, Salavat
Dear Sir / Madame
As i have met a lady ,I would like to thank the club for its services
yours Michael
Australia, Melbourne
great service I found what im looking 4
United States, Chicago
i can tell you thanks for all, i want now to delete, and to cancel my profile from your club, because i have found my soul and love from ukraine. i thank you to much for all your service. my best respect to your club
Finland, lahti
Many thanks for your service. I have found my new wife using your service. We are so happy together. Best wishes. Martin.
United Kingdom, Egham
very good, affordable and professional. thank you
United States, Sheffield
i have found what i was looking for
Denmark, copenhagen
Yes, Origin Club is a great site! Wonderful because everyone needs love! No longer in need of the membership...
Thank You Very Much G.M.G
United States, Riveredge
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