Love stories

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Norman Wood and Zinaida Marchenko I'm very happy now, because I could find my Zina and soon she will come to New Zealand, where we will get married in future. Due to the work of managers in the agency Originclub we could find each other and now we are very happy together. We deeply love each other and we share the simple things in life like being at home together, having a simple meal with each other, walks in the bush, and gardens, eating out with friends...

When I came to Vladivostok to meet Zina in person for the first time, I understood immediately that she is definitely the right girl for me. I met with her family and friends and I liked them all as well as they liked me.

Then Zina came to New Zealand to meet with my family and friends. In January, 2010, Zina and I engaged and soon after that wonderful day we applied for Zina's visa. In a few days she will join me and we will start to prepare to our wedding. I'm sure it will be the happiest day in my life.
I would like to thank all the staff of OriginClub for their help and for giving us an opportunity to find each other. You're doing a great job making people happier!

Best wishes,
Norman Wood
Victor Li and Alena Zhdanova My name is Victor Li, I am from Australia. I met my lovely wife on the OriginClub website. After three months we met in Australia. We are very happy together. Half a year after we married in 2008, we got a baby boy Jame...I like to say “thank you” to all your company.

Victor Li


At the moment I am a happy wife, mother of two children and loved woman. And all that happened thanks to the OriginClub. Two years ago I lived in the city of Vladivostok and I did not even think that in the nearest future I would marry and live in Australia. In such a way my life changed after I had come to this agency.

I am very happy and I am very grateful to the OriginClub and all staff that helped me!!!

With love,
Alena Zhdanova

Anna and Raul Four years ago I came to the OriginClub agency to find a special man whom I would be happy with.
My parents did not believe that it would help me to find my better half. But now when they see our happy faces, they understood that I had made the right choice to publish my profile on this site. And then I found the man whom I had been looking for all my life.

We corresponded and even met each other some times, then he came to Vladivostok to get acquainted with my parents and to propose to me.

Being attentive, caring and loving, Raul won my heart. It is a very wonderful man whom I do love deerly.

We are really very happy!

Anna Maevskaya
Vince O'Connell and Vika Kupriyanova Dear Olga Petrovna:

Vika Kupriyanova asked me to send this photo to you, it was taken in our recent trip to Bali together. We have decided to get married and pursue the K-1 visa.

Thanks so much for your help. Your agency changed my life!!

Da, yes , you have my permission to use both the photo and the letter. I meant the words in the letter, your agancy does more than the mechanics of helping couples communicate, you really seem to care about the women and helping them find the man who admires them.

Thanks again,
Vince O'Connell
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