Love stories

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Max and Galina In the beginning of 2009 Galina got a visa to the USA. Not long ago she had a wedding. We received the photos of this solemn event in life of Galina and Max.

They corresponded on OriginClub website and communicated in live video chat.

The site's administration congratulates them from the bottom of all our hearts and we wish them long happy years.
Joseph and Olga Dear Olga and Origin Staff,

I would like to thank you and the entire Origin Staff for helping both Olga and myself accomplish our goal of obtaining her Visa to come to America so we could be married and share our lives together. Every day presents new challenges for us, the differences in our cultures and backgrounds, but we manage to overcome and remain happy together. Olga is a complete Joy for me and I really believe that I could not have made a better choice for my partner in life. Once again, thank you Origin!!

Joseph Fritts
Dear Olga and the wonderful girls from Origin Club,

I would like to thank you all for the help you provided not only in enabling me to meet with Jenny and Oleg who were just stunning, but the help you provided while I was in your fantastic city. From the moment I walked through the custom gates at the airport and saw
Jenny and the two girls from Origin Club I felt very comfortable and knew that I was going to have a great time. I also enjoyed the fact that you did not have a problem in me meeting with you at your agency and discussing issues around meeting through dating agencies and helping with discussing any future plans, if things did eventuate for Jenny and myself.

Once again thank you all.

Stephen Wood
Ian and Zoya My name is Ian Neilson. I'm from Auckland, New Zealand. I came to Vladivostok to meet Zoya who I found to be a lovely Lady.

I am also grateful to the assistance I received form Olga and Maria at OriginClub, they were a great help in the translation of documents and when Zoya and I had a communication problem. They were only to happy to interpret for us.

It is no small way the assistance, I received, helped Zoya and myself decide that she will join me in New Zealand in about 6 weeks.

Ian Neilson.
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