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Hey Doc,

I purchased your Dating Dictionary recently, and itís been very informative in showing me where Iíve made mistakes with women in the past.  As a result, Iíve had tremendous success with your advice in talking to and getting positive responses out of women.  But there is still one problem that seems to come up and Iím powerless to solve it.  

The last girl I really liked, Tanya, ended up dumping me out of the clear blue.  The last day I was with her, she mentioned that her father ďapprovedĒ of me, and that he never approved of anyone before.  Before this happened she acted differently towards me (i.e., with high Interest Level), but once I got the parental seal of acceptance it was over the very next day.  Could it be that her Interest Level was lowered because her parents approved of me?  This is not the reason that Tanya gave me for ending it, but I have noticed it in a few relationships in the past.  

Iíve talked to other women about this, and they admit to wanting a good guy that appears to be a ďbad boyĒ to the parents.  It seems like they want to go against their parentís wishes.  I guess my question to you is, is this just Womanese for their low Interest Level in me, or could it be that women donít want their folks to like their boyfriends?

Now it seems that I get along with womenís parents VERY well, and they all like me.  (At least to my face they do.)  But as soon as the relationship has gone on long enough for me to have met their parents a few times, everything falls apart.  Can you give me any advice on how to handle this situation, and how not to have the parents like me so much?  Or is this not really a problem after all, and am I just looking for an excuse for why I always seem to screw it up with females I like?

Your book has opened up my eyes, and allowed me to see more of what women want.  I can see more clearly that the guys who act in the way that you advise have women around them all the time. I look forward to learning more and coming closer to mastery of ďThe System.Ē In the meantime, I need help solving my ďparents problem.Ē I really hope you can help me out.

Thanks, Doc. Youíre the best.

Gino - who never thought heíd run into something like this

Hi Gino,

Allow me to straighten you out about something right up front. Being rejected by Tanya was out of the clear blue FOR YOU. For Tanya, it was preplanned.

So, Tanyaís parents never approved of anyone but you before. Now think about this, my friend. Hereís a girl giving you the old heave-ho, and in the process serving up a tall tale to throw you off the scent of the real reason Ėher lack of interest in you -- and youíre ready to buy it. Just because two things happen at the same time (i.e., Tanya decides to dump you and her parents announce that they think youíre okay) you jump automatically to the conclusion that itís a case of cause and effect, and you donít consider the possibility that itís all pure coincidence and that one thing has nothing to do with the other.

Iím trying to train you guys to be forensic love scientists, to look very closely at the evidence, and thatís what you have to do in order to know whatís really going on between you and your woman. You have to consider all the possibilities in every case and not run off half-cocked towards a conclusion that doesnít hold water. Like my cousin Doctor Love would say, ďYou canít just rush to judgment led by your exploding Interest Level or your supersensitive ego.Ē

Now sure, itís possible that Tanya cut you loose because her folks approved of you Ė that is, if she hates her parentsí guts and sheís going to end up being the psycho wife from hell who will make Angelina Jolie or J-Lo look clinically sane. In which case you donít want her anyway.

Tanya didnít give you a reason for ending your romance? Youíre kidding me, Gino! You mean women arenít always forthcoming with the straight truth about why theyíre calling it quits? You mean that actually happens? Wow, man, Iím shocked!

But if other women in the past have told you that they prefer bad boys and donít want their parents to approve of their choices, youíre running around with a bunch of nutcases. Dude, are you picking up girls when the Jerry Springer Show lets out? Or are you handing out tickets to the wackos going in?

To you Psych majors, good girls who are raised properly by good parents WANT to make sure their parents LOVE the new boyfriend. Honest.

Pal, of course all these excuses are just Womanese for your ex-girlfriendsí low Interest Level in you! Because youíre history, arenít you? Think about what youíre saying here. Girls donít want their parents to like their boyfriends? Like my cousin Rabbi Love says, ďYouíre attacking the family unit, my son, and you shouldnít do that.Ē

Iím sure parents like you, Gino. And their daughters like you, too -- for a little while. But take my word for it, itís strictly coincidence that when you meet the folks everything falls apart. The only thing really falling apart was the girlsí Interest Level, as it did a nosedive from 95% to 45%. So these poor parents arenít your problem. The problem is YOU Ė you lower Interest Level. Her mother and father didnít lower Interest Level, you did.

My book hasnít opened your eyes all the way yet, Gino. Unfortunately, itís opened only half of one eye. Which means you havenít spent enough time with it. You need to read it again and again until the deeper truths of my principals sink into your mind.

Why donít you act like the guys who have women around them all the time? Iíll tell you why. Because instead of imitating Cary Grant, you end up making these poor girls your mama or your psychiatrist, like all the other guys who screw up. But donít feel bad, man. Youíre not alone. Youíve got tons of company out there.

So to sum it all up, you donít have a ďparents problem.Ē Youíve got a problem keeping a girlís Interest Level in the nineties. But memorize my techniques, and youíll enter the Promised Land with a smiling face.

Remember, guys: when something goes wrong, itís usually your fault.

To send me your love questions, listen to my INTERNET TALK RADIO SHOW, or to find out more about ďThe System,Ē visit me at or call (800) 404-2644.

Doc Love is a talk show host and entertainment speaker who coaches men in his seminars. For the past 30 years he has asked thousands of women, ďWhy do you stay with one man versus another?Ē

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