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Hey Doc,

I give advice too, mostly to my friends, but that is not the point of why Iím writing to you.

Iím writing to you because I have trouble with girls. Iím 12 years old and I need to get a girlfriend. I mean, Iím on the basketball team at school, so I think I should have one. I need a date to my school dance. Iíd like to get someone good-looking and attractive and a lot of fun. Iíve noticed that most of the people you help are older than 12. Do you think you could help me? Please give me some good advice.

Thereís this one girl, Adrianna, I like a lot, but whenever Iím around her I just make a total fool of myself because I donít know what to say to her. I sort of just stand there and get red in the face and stare at her. Yet every time Iím around her I just get a warm feeling in my stomach. Does that mean Iím in love with her? Do you think that I should just forget about all the other girls at my school and concentrate on Adrianna?

I would like to ask Adrianna to my school dance because she has not yet been asked. I mean, how do I say I like you to a girl? Do you just come out and say it, even if sheís around her friends? If thatís what it takes, I donít think I can do it. Maybe Iím just a coward. What confuses me is that Iím not afraid when Iím on the basketball court against guys a foot taller than me, yet Iím really scared when Iím around this girl.

Everyone at my school says Adrianna has never had a boyfriend, but I saw some guy hugging her. Do you think that means she loves him? His name is Ryan and I donít like him. He thinks that just because he plays quarterback for the football team that heís really hot stuff and heís going to end up being a big star or something. I feel the same way about myself, but heís able to make Adrianna laugh like crazy and I donít know how to do that. This makes me feel a little bad about myself; do you know what I mean? Like I donít have something that Ryan has.

I donít ever want to make a fool of myself again. Should I ask one of Adriannaís friends if she does have a boyfriend? Iím begging you for some help.

Brady - who doesnít have anybody to turn to

Hi Brady,

If you give advice to your friends, why arenít you taking your own? If youíre a love doctor already, you have all the answers. Go and look in the mirror and youíll have everything you ever need. Just do a little talking to yourself. But Iím going to help you anyway, because itís not always easy to solve your own problems. Your questions are all over the map, but weíre going to attack every one. And thank you for writing.

Now first of all, it doesnít matter how old you are. Let me tell you something. There are 50-year-old guys who use my ďSystemĒ because they canít solve girls. Those gals might be a bit older than the ones you like, but most men have trouble with females Ė youíll learn that pathetic fact soon enough in your life. Sadly, I would say that 90% of men have difficulty, and thatís why Iím here. Guys, if youíve ever been confused or rejected, Iím your love doctor.

So, you say you need to get yourself a girlfriend. Pal, thatís what everybody says. Even men old enough to be your grandfather complain about not having the right one.

Now, are you saying that if you werenít playing ball you shouldnít have a girlfriend? Youíve got to do it on the strength of your personality, Brady, not because you can hit a few buckets. And that happens to be your problem, right there Ė youíre too needy. When it comes to girls, you canít be desperate Ė youíve got to let them know that you can take íem or leave íem. Itís the difference between George Clooney and Billy Bob Thornton. George could care less and he has to beat them off with sticks, and Billy Bob canít live without them, and thatís why heís a regular in divorce court.

So you want one whoís good-looking and fun, huh? Sort of like Hillary Duff or the Olson twin who isnít starving herself to death? Itís nice to know that youíre shooting so high, but youíve got to practice first. (Actually, Brady, youíre the second 12-year-old that Iíve helped. The other kid ended up a couple of years later with his high school homecoming queen, so I have no doubt youíre going to come out of my coaching as a total and complete success.) All you have to do is listen and set your ego aside, and my advice will be nothing short of awesome for you. Thatís why my track record is so great. Like Brother Love says, ďThere ainít another dating guru around who can hold a candle to Doctor Love.Ē

So what you say to Adrianna is this: ďYou want to go to Starbucks for tea?Ē Nice and simple. And you never want to stare, kid. It makes girls uncomfortable. You want to look at her like a young gentleman would, and if she smiles at you, you smile back politely and go up to her and say ďHi.Ē Remember, only bad boys stare, and youíre a good boy.

As far as that warm feeling in your stomach goes, thatís what youíre supposed to get. Thatís what love is Ė a nice, warm sugar cookie in your belly. But donít get too carried away with the sweets. Because youíre not ready to walk down the aisle with Adrianna, and youíre not even in love with her Ė youíre in ďlikeĒ with her. But itís close.

Rather than concentrate on Adrianna, do just the opposite -- practice on all the other girls in your school. Youíre rushing into things. Youíre not ready to ask your angel to the dance. See all that equipment our American boys over in Iraq have? They have to know how the stuff works before they can actually use it, capeesh? And youíve got to know how a girlís mind works. That means you have to read all my columns and practice on the girls you donít care about before you make any big moves.

Brady, the only time you ever tell a girl you like her is after youíve been married for at least 35 to 40 years. Again, you donít want to rush it. Youíve got to spread yourself out nice and slowly and spoon-feed girls you like just a little bit at a time, otherwise they get bored real easily, and when they get bored it lowers Interest Level. Thatís the graveyard of love -- crashed Interest Level.

What you have to do when youíre ready and Confident is steer Adrianna away from her friends and say ďWhatís your home phone number?Ē Or at the end of a game when youíve made lots of baskets like Michael Jordan or Dirk Nowitzki and your team won, then you walk up to her and work your magic.

Now, this next principle is extremely important, and even guys much older than you have trouble with it, so itís best to learn the lesson early. You shouldnít be talking to anybody about a girl youíre interested in. Everybodyís already telling Adrianna how much you like her, so you keep your mouth shut. Like it says in the Dating Dictionary, youíve got to be cool -- like James Bond.

Adrianna hugging Ryan means nothing. Heís probably just her cousin anyway, so cool down. Instead of getting bent out of shape over this guy, you should emulate him, because Adriannaís not hugging you. (And you should have the same feelings about your hoop dreams as he does about his football, but be a little more humble.) When you see him, smileÖwhen you see her, smileÖkeep walking and make like youíre Jim Carrey for all the other girls. When you get them to laugh, Adrianna will notice and sheís going to walk over to you one day and say ďHi, Brady. Please make me laugh too.Ē

But this is a long-term relationship, and by the time youíre 15 or 16, youíre going to have a good shot at getting this girl, so you just have to bide your time. You shouldnít feel bad about yourself. Youíre a nice guy, and youíre just as good as Ryan, got it? The only thing heís got that you donít is a few hugs. You have to be prepared, and the only way to do that is by memorizing my columns.

Donít ever beg a girl for love, Brady. Get off your knees. Otherwise, you might just as well send Adrianna a letter saying I love you and turn her off once and for all before you even get started. Despite what Oprah might say, confessing your undying devotion will only sink your ship. Adrianna will see that youíre able to nail a 15-foot jump shot on the court, but when it comes to girls you shoot air balls. Donít talk to her friends and remember the most important thing Ė get all Aís in school and make íem laugh.

Remember, guys: you canít be a Marine unless youíve been through boot camp.

To send me your love questions or to find out more about ďThe System,Ē visit me at or call (800) 404-2644.

Doc Love is a talk show host and entertainment speaker who coaches men in his seminars. For the past 30 years he has asked thousands of women, ďWhy do you stay with one man versus another?Ē

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