Russian wife

For many men Russian wife is an ideal of woman to which every man reaches for. The character of Russian woman is unexpected. It is storm and calm, it is light and darkness, it is cold and heat in the same time.

Probably you do not know anything about wives from Russia or have a false idea about them. Probably somewhere there is an opinion that Russian wives can put up with many things for the best well-provided life so they can marry with sick, ugly, old or disreputable men. But it is not true. Few people know that everything, that Russian women does, is her personal choice. Russian wives choose their way themselves. There is no recipe how to conquer Russian woman if she does not want it. Wives from Russia are very self-will and it is impossible to make them do something what they do not want to do, it is impossible to force them to be obedient and remain in the shadow of man of course if they do not want it.

If you could interest Russian woman, it means that destiny smiles to you and gives you chance to change your life for better.

Love and admire weakness and womanhood of wife from Russia but know about the strength of her character. Value her devotion and care. Russian wife will do anything for her beloved, she will not have mercy on herself for dear people.

Value her talent to be a mother and skill of love and children's education, creation of cosiness and warm environment at home, her extraordinary spirituality.

Respect her freedom, trust to Russian wife and she will return like for like, blossom with all her divine beauty and fill your life with joy, warmth and love.

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Littlefox21, 34 y.o.
Russia, Ussurisk


Dating, Activity Partner, Marriage, Relationship, Romance
Marina, 55 y.o.
Russia, Vladimir

I`m a charming lady with a great urge for life! Success philosophy, foreign languages, dancing - that`s what I am! I am a master of spiritual developm... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Video Chat
Galina, 33 y.o.
Russia, Tomsk

I`m a girl, and that means I`m an actress, I have a hundred faces and thousands of roles. I am a girl, and therefore I am a queen, Beloved of all eart... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Video Chat
Lady_fitness , 57 y.o.
Russia, Vladivostok

When things get hard, I always remind myself that if I give up on whatever it is, nothing will ever get better. ... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Romance, Video Chat
Elena, 51 y.o.
Russia, Vladivostok

I am Elena and in translation from the ancient Greek my name means "the Light". As surrounding people say I am a bright, cheerful and very talented pe... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Romance
Svetlana, 57 y.o.
Russia, Moscow

I am sincere,active, sporty, devoted and romantic one, waiting for the clever, intelligent person who I can feel warm and understandig.... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Video Chat
Sebiriana, 66 y.o.
Russia, Kurgan

I`m my own person, peacefull, fun and the perpetual student in my heart. I don`t feel my age being energetic, efficient and ambitious person. I hope I... »

Dating, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Pen Pal
Anna, 33 y.o.
Russia, Moscow

I do not think myself without self-realization, sport, dreams, walks, animals, nature, travelling, harmony, good book, interesting movie, coziness, cr... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Video Chat
charming, 23 y.o.
Russia, Krasnodar

I am a kind and decent girl. I am honest in relationships. I have my own well-established views on life. I am a romantic person. I dream of sincere re... »

Dating, Activity Partner, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Romance, Travel Partner, Video Chat
Nata, 51 y.o.
Russia, Artyom

I like to work with wood ... »

Dating, Activity Partner, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Romance
Anastasia, 32 y.o.
Russia, Moscow

I`m kind and well manered gil who tries to fing a strong and independent man... »

Dating, Activity Partner, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Romance, Pen Pal, Video Chat
KrasaAnna, 41 y.o.
Russia, Vladivostok

I am unordinary and curious person, I like to make people happy. I am very soft, sweet and gentle. My heart is full of love and I am ready to share it... »

Dating, Activity Partner, Marriage, Relationship, Romance
Ninel, 40 y.o.
Russia, Vladivostok

There were a lot of talking about a woman`s mystery Even she herself can`t unravel it. She needs only to be loved And she doesn`t want to know all ... »

Dating, Activity Partner, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Romance, Travel Partner
Milana, 39 y.o.
Russia, Vladivostok

My friends say that while talking to me they become a strong burst of energy, they like my optimism and belief that everything will be fine. This be... »

Dating, Activity Partner, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Video Chat
Kristina, 30 y.o.
Russia, Saint-Peterburg

Russian girl who knows what she wants :)... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Video Chat
NAdish, 32 y.o.
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

what can I say about myself? Well, I`m kind, nice, intelligent, cheerful, sociable girl. I think that the best thing is to get to know me and you can ... »

Dating, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Romance
AnechkaMilay, 29 y.o.
Russia, Vladivostok

Pluses: purposeful, energetic, agile, mysterious, kind, careful Minuses: impatient, make a fuss, capricious... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Romance
Nataben, 31 y.o.
Russia, Kazan

I`m living a joyful girl with a good sense of humor. responsible for their work. I dream to meet her man .... »

Dating, Relationship
NataliaS, 34 y.o.
Russia, Rostov-on-Don

I am very affectionate, gentle and ming. No, apparently I did not like the little kitten, helpless and fluffy, but anytime I can express myself predat... »

Dating, Activity Partner, Friendship, Marriage, Relationship, Romance, Travel Partner, Pen Pal, Video Chat
Christin545, 26 y.o.
Russia, Seversk

My acter is not so simple, I like self-discipline and demand the same from others. Of the minuses of my acter - it is resentment and sometimes I am em... »

Dating, Marriage, Relationship, Romance
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